Here’s 6 Reasons Coffee Is Good For You

Do you love coffee? Wondering if coffee is good for you? Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage. It is grown in many countries, and comes in endless flavors, strengths, and varieties. (We do have a bit of a bias here and gotta tell you that Hawaiian coffees are the best!) While many would have you believe that...
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This Ain’t Your Average Cup of Hot Chocolate

Do you love hot chocolate during the winter in DC, MD and VA? Would you love to know 6 ways to make your hot chocolate even better? Chances are you've had a cup of hot chocolate lately. Bigger chances are that it probably came from an envelope. YUCK! Today, we're getting rid of that envelope. Below...
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13 Amazing Facts About Coffee

If you're like most TikiTreats customers, you've gotta have your morning cup of coffee - and that's just to get out of bed. So for all of the coffee lovers in our community, here are 13 amazing facts about coffee:
  1. The term “cup of Joe” comes from the American soldiers also known as GI Joes of WWII...
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