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Seems Like Everything Is Pumpkin Spice Nowadays

Do you love pumpkin spice? Have you wondered when, where and how the pumpkin spice craze started? Once upon a time, you'd only hear of pumpkin spice being in pies. Not any more..... Today, you can find pumpkin spice everything it seems: There are pumpkin spice lattes, breakfast cereals, doughnuts, yogurt-coated pretzels, pancakes, candy, even pizza and beer.   Where...
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Hey You: Caffeine Addict…..

Do you love your everyday - or many times a day - cup 'o joe? Do you need some caffeine humor to get you through the day? We found this great article: "17 Signs You're Addicted To Coffee" we thought you'd enjoy. Of course, we can always bring the "Warmth of Aloha" to you with our Read more

That Coffee You’re Drinking Says A Lot About You

Did you know that the type of coffee beverage you drink says a lot about you? Wondering what your coffee drink says about your personality? Read on to see what your coffee says about you. Espresso: Someone who appreciates the taste of coffee, but is also trying to maintain their “I am a coffee afficionado” image. They are...
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