People Love The Convenience of Food Trucks

You may have observed that more and more food trucks are appearing everywhere -- at events, at public parks, and on streets all across the USA. These mobile restaurants on wheels are providing folks a larger variety of food and drink alternatives. According to a new report from The NPD Group, these mobile food vendors are beginning to change the way consumers buy "quick serve" types of food and drinks.

The NPD Group, a leading international market research company, asked people where they would have obtained their meal or snack if they hadn't gotten it from the food vehicle.

One-half responded that they would certainly have gotten something from a fast food dining establishment, while another 20 percent of respondents stated they would certainly have bypassed getting anything altogether, suggesting their visit to the food truck was unintended or unplanned.

The leading factor offered to making use of mobile food vehicles over convenience food outlets consisted of "accessibility" or "fascinating foods" and also "convenience". This consists of very hot sandwiches (ex: grilled paninis), cool sandwiches (subs or wraps), and also soups.

The report noted that food trucks are now viewed as the major source of direct competitors to restaurants and fast food facilities.

"We know that people love coming up to our mobile snack shack," said Stacey Riska of TikiTreats DC". "We offer healthy menu options, choices that people can easily and quickly grab and go, and we're very fairly priced. Plus we create a whole "tropical experience" when people come up to the truck. We love to see them leave with a smile."

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