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Chillin’ With Dogs and Smoothies

If dogs could talk, they'd say "I want one of those delicious smoothies!" Sorry, humans only. The dog adoption event sponsored by RISE Dispensaries was a huge success. "Having the TikiTruck there was the perfect treat. Everyone could come up to the truck, pick their favorite flavor smoothie and drink it as they walked around…
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Recharging and Chillin’ at The Landmark Music Festival in DC

Where do you go when you're at a music festival and you need to recharge your phone? What can you do when it's hot outside and you need something cool and refreshing to cool off? You stop at the Events DC booth, recharge your phone while chillin with a complimentary Hawaiian shave ice served by…
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How To Pick A Fundraiser For Your School

Is your school looking for a school fundraiser idea? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the school fundraising options out there? This article will help you determine a fundraiser that's right for your school. Selecting a fundraising event for your school can be a confusing project. Sure, there are lots of items you can sell: sweets,…
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