How To Get Attention At Your Trade Show Booth

You spend the time and effort to set up a trade show booth at an event where your perfect customer, client or patient is going to be. But you can't just stop there.

You need a way to create excitement. To attract people to your booth. To get them to stay and engage with your company.

How can you do that?

With TikiTreats catering services: hot chocolate catering, coffee/espresso catering, shave ice catering and smoothie catering.

Workday wanted to reach college students to make them aware of their company and services. They decided to setup a tent at Howard University's homecoming football game.

To attract these college students to the booth, Workday hired TikiTreats to set up a hot chocolate bar with toppings. It was a HUGE success!

Hot Chocolate Truck Catering

Do something fun and different for your next trade show event. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, TikiTreats will bring the Aloha Spirit to make your trade show fun and memorable.


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