The Big Kahuna – Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Big Kahuna - Pulled Port SandwichTender pulled pork….smoked and shredded by hand….piled high….served on a huge Kaiser roll…..and topped with a choice of delectable barbecue sauces.

Are your taste buds watering yet? They should be! Because when you taste TikiTreats Big Kahuna pulled pork sandwiches, your taste buds will do the hula! (bet you didn’t even know they could do that….but these sandwiches are so special and delicious they do – we’ve seen it!).

Combo it with a drink and some Vicky’s chips and you’ve got the perfect quick meal from Tiki Treats – Your Traveling Snack Shack.

Tiki Treats can come to your event – whether inside or outside – and offer concessions. We also set up regular routes to offices, pools, and parks.

To have Tiki Treats come to your event and bring some of our yumolicious Big Kahuna pulled pork sandwiches, Contact Us TODAY!