Gourmet Hot and Iced Teas

Gourmet Hot and Iced Teas

Tiki Treats Hot & Iced Teas

The winding path of our tea journey is paved with exceptionally high standards, so we fastidiously only serve teas with the very best ingredients. As we travel the DC area, we invite the fine tea lovers of all kinds to the our tea party. We serve both hot teas and iced teas..

Gourment Hawaiian Hot & Iced TeasBlack Teas

Black tea is the fully oxidized leaf of Camellia sinensis and requires the most processing. The brewed liquor ranges between dark brown and deep red. Black teas offer the strongest flavors and, in some cases, the greatest astringency.


Tiki Treats Hot & Iced TeasOolong Teas

There are many styles of oolong tea, each with a different level of oxidation and individual style of rolling. Oolongs typically have a complex flavor with full body, mild astringency and subtle floral or fruity finishes.


Tiki Treats Hot & Iced TeasGreen Teas

The liquor of a green tea is typically a green or yellow color, and flavors range from toasty, grassy (pan-fired teas) to fresh and streamed greens (steamed teas) with mild astringency.



Tiki Treats Hot & Iced TeasWhite Teas

White tea has a delicate vegetative and creamy flavor with a pale green or yellow liquor, and is the least processed of all types of tea.


Tiki Treats Hot & Iced TeasHerbal Teas

Herbal teas are not actually true teas as they contain none of the Camellia sinensis leaf. Instead, herbal teas often include leaves, flowers, roots, peels, berries and spices.