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How To Get Attention At Your Trade Show Booth

You spend the time and effort to set up a trade show booth at an event where your perfect customer, client or patient is going to be. But you can't just stop there. You need a way to create excitement. To attract people to your booth. To get them to stay and engage with your…
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How To Win Friends And Influence People

Looking for the best way to win friends and influence people? Want something that will "warm their hearts"? If you're in DC, MD, or VA the best way to win friends and influence people is to have TikiTreats provide a hot chocolate bar with toppings. When you have a hot chocolate bar with toppings such…
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This Ain’t Your Average Cup of Hot Chocolate

Do you love hot chocolate during the winter in DC, MD and VA? Would you love to know 6 ways to make your hot chocolate even better? Chances are you've had a cup of hot chocolate lately. Bigger chances are that it probably came from an envelope. YUCK! Today, we're getting rid of that envelope.…
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