Sporting Events/Venues

Soccer, lacrosse, swim meets…oh my!

Tiki Treat Sporting Events/VenuesThese sporting events usually mean long days, many times out in the hot and/or cold weather. There’s usually NOTHING healthy to eat and/or drink. Wouldn’t you just love to get away from it all and go to the tropics?

Now you can! And we’ll bring it to you — Tiki Treats DC will come to your sporting event and offer 100% natural fresh fruit smoothies and gourmet Hawaiian coffees.
Tiki Treat Sporting Events/Venues
We are LOVED in the mornings when everyone wants their cup of java. And we are LOVED in the afternoon when the kids are hot and sweaty, and many times the parents too — getting a refreshing Hawaiian Shave Ice will do just the trick to cool everyone off!

Tiki Treats at Fairs and Festivals
to bring Tiki Treats DC to any of your sporting events.