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Two Years In A Row: Best Food Truck Bethesda

We did it again - two years in a row! TikiTreats DC was selected for the 2016 Best Businesses of Bethesda Award in the Food Truck category.   Serving Hawaiian shave ice, fresh fruit smoothies, Hawaiian coffees and espresso and some light snacks, TikiTreats is a traveling snack shack in DC, MD and VA. "We're honored and excited...
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Wake Up Your Brunch With Espresso Cocktails

Are you planning a brunch? Wondering what kind of beverages to serve at your brunch? Hosting brunch can seem a bit stressful — you have to worry about the food, drinks, as well as being a great host/hostess. How do I keep the pancakes warm while I’m making frittatas? Do my guests want a side of bacon, or would they rather...
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People Are Talking

People are talking...... About their experience with TikiTreats DC..... For shave ice bars.....for smoothie bars......for coffee and espresso bars.....for chocolate fountains.....for hot chocolate bars......and for the TikiTruck...... Wanna know what they're saying? CLICK HERE to see what people in DC, MD and VA have to say about their Ultimate Hawaiian Getaway...
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Prune Smoothie

Yes, even the popular banana smoothie can be improved upon!


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[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Prune Smoothie - Yes, even the popular banana smoothie can be improved upon! - plain soy milk, pitted prunes, chopped, peeled and chopped, In blender, combine soy milk, prunes and banana. Process as directed until...
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