Wake Up Your Brunch With Espresso Cocktails

Are you planning a brunch?

Wondering what kind of beverages to serve at your brunch?

Hosting brunch can seem a bit stressful — you have to worry about the food, drinks, as well as being a great host/hostess. How do I keep the pancakes warm while I’m making frittatas? Do my guests want a side of bacon, or would they rather have hash browns? Should I make both? While the food is driving you insane, TikiTreats will have your drinks handled. With brunch, it can be hard to plan the drinks.....do I serve something hot, something cold, something iced, something frozen? Some people may even want a mid-day cocktail. How do I make everyone happy?

You make everyone happy by reserving TikiTreats for your brunch!

We can set up a bar where a professional barista will create the perfect "foo foo" coffee drinks for everyone.....cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos....even the ones you can't pronounce and/or know what's in them.

Hot, cold, iced, frozen.....even decaf (who wants that right?). An espresso bar will be the perfect additional for your brunch and will delight your guests. With syrups, condiments, sugars, and creamers to choose from, there's something for everyone.

If you're in DC, MD or VA, TikiTreats can even create a menu of Wake Me Up Cocktails that can include a jolt of Kahlua, Amaretto, Stoli vodka with espresso to wake your guests right on up.

And for those that don't particularly like coffee drinks, TikiTreats can also serve gourmet all-natural fresh fruit smoothies. So many delicious flavors to choose from like strawberry banana, mango orange, pina colada, kiwi lemon lime, peach, and many more.

Whether it's a coffee, espresso and/or smoothie bar you're looking for to make your brunch make you look like the "hostess with the mostess", make sure you contact TikiTreats to handle all of your brunch beverage catering.


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