This Ain’t Your Average Cup of Hot Chocolate

Do you love hot chocolate during the winter in DC, MD and VA?

Would you love to know 6 ways to make your hot chocolate even better?

Chances are you've had a cup of hot chocolate lately. Bigger chances are that it probably came from an envelope. YUCK! Today, we're getting rid of that envelope. Below are 6 ways you can transform you average cup of koko to an amazing chocolatey experience:

Peanut Butter Cup

Once you have your hot chocolate prepared, mix in a tablespoon of nut butter for extra richness. Hazelnut, almond, and also peanut butters all work here.

Make Use of a Peppermint Stirring Stick

A peppermint stick is so much more than just a joyful garnish-- it's the perfect way to add a subtle organic note to your hot delicious chocolate. No peppermint sticks around? A couple of pieces of peppermint bark, stirred till melted, will get you the same results.


Adult Version

Mix in a shot of coffee liqueur for to get that amazing mocha taste. Try it with a splash of Irish cream for some added creaminess. As well as for a dual dose of decadence, stir in some cognac and also crème de cacao.

Go Bananas

Do what a New York City pastry shop does and add a banana peel into your hot chocolate as it cooks. Simmering the peel in the warm delicious chocolate infuses the drink with banana taste. However, throw away the peel before drinking, okay?

Make it Cry (From Seasoning)

Including a dash of cinnamon to your hot delicious chocolate is traditional, however branching out with different seasonings settles well. Try cardamom, cloves, or even cayenne pepper.

Make it Sticky Sweet

Need your hot delicious chocolate beverage even sweeter? Grab the caramel sauce. Or even better, the maple syrup.

What secrets do you have to make your hot chocolate even better? Share below.

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