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Hawaiian Shave Ice – No It’s Not Shaved Ice

Have you ever had a real Hawaiian shave ice on any of the Hawaiian Islands?

Did you know it's called shave ice, not shaved ice? There is no "d" at the end.

Check out this video to see how a real Hawaiian shave ice is made and what the experience is all about:

It's probably not cost-effective to fly to Hawaii to get a Hawaiian shave ice, but if you're in the Washington DC area, you can have it delivered to you!

TikiTreats DC brings the TikiTruck to pools, schools, sporting events and more. We also have tiki bars that are great for private or corporate parties - everything from bare foot to black tie.

So if you're looking for something cool, something refreshing, something that will have everyone doing the hula, make sure you reserve the TikiTreats TikiTruck or tiki bar for your next event.

Cooling Off At Whitman High School’s Football Game

It was the first football game of the season at Whitman High School. It was a hot one too! But that didn't keep the crowds away. They just needed to be cooled off -- and TikiTreats DC was there to save the day with cool, refreshing Hawaiian shave ice. People were coming back two and…
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