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10 Family Fun School Event Ideas

Looking for some fun and creative ideas for successful family events for your school? Want to put on school events that get everyone excited to be a part of? Here are 10 family fun school event ideas: 1. Night of the Wild Things Where the Wild Things Are supplies wonderful chances to engage younger children and also moms and...
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10 Super Fantastic (and Easy) School Event Ideas

Looking for ideas for your next school event? Want a school event that gets everyone excited to be there? Here are 10 great ideas that will surely get everyone excited to come to your school events: 1. Unpleasant Art Night This type of event has to do with allowing kids to try brand-new materials, being creative,...
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Swimmers Energize at Fairlands Aquatic Center Snack Bar

Thousands of swimmers arrived at the Fairlands Aquatic Center this past weekend and they were hungry! TikiTreats DC was there to save the day -- days actually -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, providing:
  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • breakfast sandwiches
    • egg & cheese
    • bacon, egg & cheese
    • ham, egg & cheese
  • muffins, donuts, pastries
  • fresh fruit
  • Nathan's hot dogsOctoberOpen Read more