Swimmers Energize at Fairlands Aquatic Center Snack Bar

Thousands of swimmers arrived at the Fairlands Aquatic Center this past weekend and they were hungry!

TikiTreats DC was there to save the day -- days actually -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday, providing:

  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • breakfast sandwiches
    • egg & cheese
    • bacon, egg & cheese
    • ham, egg & cheese
  • muffins, donuts, pastries
  • fresh fruit
  • Nathan's hot dogsOctoberOpen
  • grilled paninis
  • pulled pork sandwiches
  • chicken salad sandwiches
  • fresh fruit smoothies
  • Hawaiian shave ice
  • lots and lots of snacks

Not only did TikiTreats DC provide concessions for all of the swimmers, they also provided hospitality for all of the coaches, timers, volunteers -- about 100 people each for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

That's a lot of hungry people to feed, but TikiTreats DC got it done! If you've got a big event that you need help with concessions and/or catering, contact us!

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