Swimmers Recharge at TikiTreats Snack Bar

What do you do when hundreds of hungry and thirsty swimmers are all in one place for hours at a time?

How do you keep parents who need something to keep them awake recharged?

You have TikiTreats DC provide concessions to everyone!

And that's what we did at the January Open Swim Meet held at the Fairlands Aquatic Center.

Swim parents who were up at o'dark thirty (yes, that's an official time) were literally hugging us because we had gourmet kona coffee with condiments and syrups. The brewer ran all day long to help caffeinate everyone.

The swimmers of course were hungry and thirsty too -- burning lots of calories in each event they swam. So TikiTreats DC refueled them in the morning with delicious breakfast sandwiches, muffins, croissants, and donuts. Then as the day progressed, we offered the WOMBO -- yes, that's an official name. What is it you ask?

The WOMBO is a $5 combo deal of a grilled Nathan's hot dog, chips, and a drink. It's the combination of WOW and COMBO - we're sure after tasting it you'll agree. Hundreds of WOMBOs were sold. There was also pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, grilled paninis, and chicken salad sandwiches. So many choices!!!

ServingPizzaThe sponsoring team of the January Open loved having TikiTreats manage the concessions because they didn't want to have to deal with buying the stuff, getting volunteers, and figuring out what to do with the leftovers. And since TikiTreats donates a percentage of sales back to the team, it's a no-brainer to have TikiTreats manage all of the swim team concessions.

Want TikiTreats DC to help manage your concessions? Contact us!

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