Wombo: What The Heck Is It?

When you're hungry and want something to eat and drink in DC, MD or VA, you could ask for a hot dog, chips and a drink.

But at TikiTreats DC we call it a Wombo.

What the heck is a Wombo you ask? What the heck does Wombo mean?

Thanks for asking.

It's a fun name one of our staffies came up with for a combo deal we now offer which includes:

  • Nathan's All Beef Hot Dog with any toppings you'd like
  • Bag of chips (so many to choose from - Vicky's Chips, Sun Chips, Fritos, Utz, Lays, SmartFood Popcorn, - we have 'em all)
  • Drink - soda, bottled water, Gatorade - or upgrade and get a smoothie and/or Hawaiian shave ice

A satisfying meal combo - especially for the groups where we run concessions - swim meets, school events, sporting events.

We sold hundreds of Wombos this past weekend at the January Open swim meet at the Fairlands Aquatic Center.

What does Wombo mean? It's the combination of WOW and COMBO -- WOMBO.

So the next time you're hungry and thirsty and want a belly filing treat without breaking your wallet, stop by the TikiTreats concession stand or TikiTruck and ask for a Wombo. We'll hook you up.

Looking for help with concessions? TikiTreats DC can help. We do all of the work - providing equipment, product and staffing.....AND we donate 15% of sales back to your group. Contact us to learn more!

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