Cooling Off For Back To School

Shave Ice Cools Students at South Lakes High School

It's back to school time. Most kids aren't happy about that.

But the kids at South Lakes High School were lining up at the TikiTreats Truck to get a cool and refreshing Hawaiian shave ice. They were excited to be back!

"The block party at South Lakes High School yesterday was a marvelous success for the Choral organization. We had a steady stream of patrons at the TikiTreats Truck since it was a hot and sunny afternoon. We look forward to additional partnering opportunities this year and will be in touch to set those dates once the Board has met and agreed on the events we'd like to have you part of. Please pass along our thanks for joining us!" -- Karin Ottman, SLHS PCA Board President

Mahalo to you Karin and everyone at South Lakes High School -- we're so glad you enjoyed it.

And we're not surprised. After all, who wouldn't love getting a cool and refreshing Hawaiian shave ice in so many delicious flavors, made fresh in front of you and topped off with a Hawaiian parasol? We call it a "vacation in a cup!" And we love going to schools all around the Washington, DC area as part of our "No Effort FUNRaisers" -- FREE money for your organization.

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