4 Winning Winter Events For Your School

fun winter school eventsLooking for wonderful winter events your school can plan?

Want fun school winter events that bring families and the community together?

Beat the winter blahs by planning an event sure to bring families together.

The winter season is a good time for events at your school. As the temperature drops, there are fewer outdoor sporting activities. At the same time, families with cabin fever are looking for enjoyable and economical activities they can do together-- while staying warm, of course.

It's never been this simple to run a School Family Night!

Winter events don't have to be complicated. A chili cook-off or bingo night might be a huge attraction for your neighborhood. An open fitness center night where households can shoot hoops may attract parents new to the PTA. Here are 5 winning winter events to get you started:

Winter Wonderland Family Reading Night

The style varies, as does the month, however excellent attendance can be expected with a Winter season Wonderland Family Reading Night.

Each year you can change the theme. One year the focus can be on camping. Youngsters gather around an electronic campfire contributed by moms and dads and consume s'mores. Or you can have TikiTreats DC offer a hot chocolate bar with toppings.

Creating a set program with a beginning location and an ending place for the reading night helps keep things running smoothly. Consider having activities in classrooms in 15-minute blocks to stay clear of blockage in the hallways.

Arts and Crafts

Winterfest, is an arts and crafts concept you can set up where participants move from table to table, where they get a unique stamp on each of the Christmas tree cutouts used around their necks, children make image frames, pinecone bird feeders, gingerbread guys, scratch art, and more. Finished samples at each table function as designs. There are likewise games, prizes, and concessions.

Your school could charge a single entry fee (ex: $5 per youngster or $10 per family). And the crafts themselves are a continuing work in development. Some tasks that won't be repeated include one that spread sand everywhere and crafts that took a lot of space to make.

Winter Swimming Pool Celebration

If you have a nearby indoor pool, a winter swimming pool celebration is a testimony to the idea that a bit of summertime fun can help beat the winter blahs. The celebration can be setup to last two hours, and lifeguards (part of the cost to rent the swimming pool) are there to ensure safety.  Families are invited to get involved and can even bring inflatables.

A group image could be each taken of each grade for the yearbook. Your school could charge an entry fee per individual. Or you could hold a bake sale prior to the swimming pool celebration.

Mother-Son Basketball Game and Father-Daughter Dance

Students in each class can play for one 15-minute quarter versus their mommies. The children wear a certain color shirt while the mommies wear a different color shirt. You could even make it more fun by putting on crazy socks and spray-painting hair. Dads in official uniforms can act as referees.

A father-daughter dance is a great idea to hold in the gym. Moms can dress like waiters and serve punch and cookies. Have a limbo competition.

At both events, your PTA could sell pictures. At the basketball game, individuals could post with the school mascot. For the dance, dressed up kids and dad can smile for the camera.

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