Ripe vs Unripe Bananas: Which Is Better For You?

Did you know there's a difference in the health benefits to you when you eat a ripe vs unripe banana?

Did you know that the nutritional value of those bananas in your kitchen change as they become riper?

bananasBananas become sweeter as they ripen. Why is this? It's due to the fact that there are enzymes in the banana that begin to break down the carbohydrates right into sugar. This also makes the banana easier to digest through your system.

Check out the video above to see a time lapse of a banana ripening - pretty cool stuff!

Japanese scientists recently discovered something remarkable regarding bananas: as a banana ripens, it creates even more antioxidants than its fresher less ripe ones contain. When the banana has dark spots on the peel, it generates what's called TNF, or Tumor Necrosis Factor, a compound that combats cancer and irregular cells. The darker the spots, the more powerful the banana at killing these cancer cells. A ripe banana is eight times much more efficient in improving the body's body immune system compared to a fresh banana.

TikiBarRentalAdSo at what point in the banana ripening process should you eat a banana? When it's fully ripe. But it deserves noting, if you have type 2 diabetes, you could want to eat a ripe banana with nut butter. The fats in the nut butter will reduce sugar absorption in your blood stream so it doesn't strike you simultaneously, making it simpler for you to break it down.

We're adding new smoothie recipes to TikiTreats every day. Many include a fresh banana. Why? Because it's a natural sweetener and as we say "it puts the smooth in smoothie". Adding a banana to your smoothie really makes it rich and creamy. So enjoy those nasty looking bananas - they're very good for your health!

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